• Precious metals mining and concentration

    The expertise of the ERG group is focused on all stages of precious metals recovery:

    • geological exploration
    • feasibility study design and plant design development
    • business plan development and searching for investors
    • technology implementation
    • equipment selection
    • technical audit of the company
  • Raw materials sampling and analysis

    ERG Group has experience in sampling wide variety of complex precious metals raw materials. We cooperate with certified analytical laboratories in Russia and on the international market.

    Proven testing methods and reliable analytical laboratories ensure you will obtain objective information about raw materials and precious metals content.

  • Recycling Refining Products

    ERG group project portfolio includes implementation of technologies and modernization of production facilities, research and analytical laboratories:

    • preproduction
    • hydro and pyrometallurgical processing
    • infrastructure and production support
    • technical products
    • banking and investment products
  • Middlings and mining waste trading

    Professional interests of ERG Group include commercial and production activities related to processing of any precious metals raw materials:

    • electronic waste
    • gravity and flotation concentrates
    • tailings
    • automotive catalysts
    • industrial catalysts
    • industrial waste
  • Finance Investing Hedging

    The experience of ERG Group in the industry facilitates accumulation of competencies and business partners in the management of precious metals operations:

    • achieving maximum capital turnover
    • profit forecast for transactions
    • reduced uncertainty in financial flows
    • reduced market and exchange rate dependency
    • minimizing the risk of financial losses
  • Design Engineering and Consulting

    The knowledge and experience of ERG Group in modern technologies of mining, recovery, processing of precious metals as well as technical and investment products development allow us to carry out projects in all fields of the industry.

    Own know-how and inventions enhance the projects, creating a clear competitive advantage for our customers in the market.