Working in the precious metals market requires specific procedures for accounting and control, as well as hedging the risks of price and exchange rate changes.

  • Risk management through financial instruments:

    • Introduction of procedures for futures and options market: hedging metal prices and exchange rates.
    • Document management, accounting statements, preparation of forms and instructions for transactions management.
    • Transactions structuring in different currencies using financial instruments, including bank guarantees and letters of credit.
  • Operational financial activity assessment:

    • Processing, refining and raw materials supply control.
    • Training staff in specialized record-keeping and accounting for precious metals.
    • Implementing supplier identification and assessment procedures (KYC, OECD rules etc.).
    • Implementing raw materials identification and assessment procedures (LBMA rules, responsible sourcing etc). Preparation and reviewing documents in accordance with Good Delivery for refiners and banks.
  • Co-financing trading transactions:

    • Attracting co-financing from private investors.
    • Conducting commercial negotiations with Russian and International buyers to improve financial terms of transactions.
    • Optimization of logistics, terms and payments.