• Production of competitive products on local and international markets is a top priority of the national economy. Therefore, it is important to produce high value added products and pure metals.

  • The market of precious metals was originally unique. The number of participants is limited and quality requirements for end products are increasingly complex.

  • Precious metals products are used in various sectors of industry.

    • standard and measured bullions, coins and medals
    • chemical compounds
    • targets for the glass industry
    • medical equipment components
    • electrical components
    • catalyst gauzes
    • anodes, rolled products, wires, pipes
  • Existing production

    Manufacturing products in demand on the market and retention of positions in the industry, make companies revise their strategies and improve and upgrade existing production facilities.

    Euro Recycling Group services:

    • process audit of the existing production facilities
    • market analysis of the market and competitive environment
    • development of plant engineering programs
    • conducting scientific research and testing
    • updating and development of normative and technical documentation
    • selection of equipment and instrumentation for the production tasks
    • consulting and staff training
  • New production

    Significant cost of precious metals in comparison to other engineering materials, research intencity of processing equipment, the current situation and market trends stimulate manufacturers to comprehensively assess the set up of a new line of business.

    Euro Group Recycling services:

    • assessment of prerequisites for manufacturing new products
    • marketing analysis of the product market
    • project development plan
    • carrying out scientific research and engineering works
    • development of a project feasibility study for investors
    • production and infrastructure design
    • assistance in selecting equipment and instrumentation
    • development of normative and technical documentation