Raw Materials Trading
Raw Materials Trading

Precious metal trading is a link between manufacturers and final processors.

  • An increasing share of precious metal raw materials, such as refractory ores, industrial wastes and other man-made formations, requires a multi-stage chain of handling and processing, due to complexity of its composition and low content of valuable components for recovery.
  • Universal globalization gives rise to processes of division of labour at the international level, ranging from accumulation by raw material source types, followed by separation and concentration, to final reprocessing to refined metals.
  • ERG Group has a unique specialization in trading transactions involving all kinds of raw materials containing precious metals:

    • market research with the purpose of finding raw materials consumers
    • development of a profitable business model of the transaction
    • calculations for proposals and schemes of cooperation with other suppliers of raw materials
    • optimization of the supplier 's total costs for the business model implementation
    • hedging financial and other risks of precious metals turnover
    • legal, financial, logistical support for raw materials transfer processes to the end-user