• Obtaining refined pure metals is a complex technological task. Precious metals to be processed can be in different forms: washings, Dore gold, electronic and industrial scrap, production waste, spent catalysts.

  • The composition of recycled materials is often very complex and unstable due to the presence of non-precious impurities, the content of which is within a wide range.

  • The metallurgical industry and one of its fields, refining, has a rich history of development and proven technological practices.

  • Existing production

    Increasing demand for precious metals creates the need to search for new sources of raw materials and improve existing technologies for their processing. Increasing volumes, when the quality of raw materials decreases, requires the introduction of highly efficient processes.

    In the current market, company's strategy should focus on the production of quality concentrates and metals, reduction of metals in circuit, reduction of metal losses, optimization of energy consumption, etc.

    Euro Recycling Group services:

    • process audit
    • market analysis of the market and competitors
    • adjustment of technologies and equipment
    • development of feasibility study for production modernization
    • conducting scientific research and developing technologies
    • normative and technical documentation updating and development
    • setting up the system of transfer, precious metals regulation and accounting
    • consulting and training personnel at all levels
  • New production

    Despite the fact that precious metals processing technologies have been thoroughly studied, setting up a real production is quite a challenge. Production management, customizing technologies to the specifics of raw materials and requirements, ensuring the company functions properly in the highly competitive market, raise relevant questions.

    Euro Recycling Group services:

    • market analysis of raw materials, products, suppliers and competitive environment
    • development of project feasibility study and business plan for investors
    • design of integrated plants and individual production workshops
    • conducting scientific research and developing technology
    • normative and technical documentation development of
    • setting up a system of precious metals transfer, regulation and accounting
    • consulting and personnel training at all levels